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Dogs Activities and Lessons


All about dogs
Dog activities and lessons


Children will learn about the characteristics of dogs.
Children will learn about the needs of dogs.


  • Pictures of dogs


Have a discussion with children about the different types of dogs there are. Choose two breeds that children might be familiar with such as a German shepherd or golden retriever and a dachshund or Pomeranian. Show pictures of the two dogs. Create a two-column chart, and as you talk about the characteristics of each dog, fill in the chart. Some characteristics you might include are big and small, fluffy and smooth, yellow and white, etc.

Discuss how there are certain things that humans need to do to be healthy and happy such as exercising, eating nutritious foods, interacting with friends and family, brushing teeth, etc. Explain that dogs need the same things. Below is a list of some of things that dogs need.

  1. toilet and obedience training
  2. to be with other dogs and humans
  3. to have their teeth brushed and cleaned regularly
  4. regular walks
  5. a balanced diet and plenty of water
  6. a warm, dry place to sleep

Discuss the many useful jobs that dogs have: police dog, guide dog, sled dog, search-and-rescue dog, guard dog, etc. Access the websites below to find information about the different jobs that dogs can do.

How Police Dogs Work
How Guide Dogs Work
How Sled Dogs Work
How Search-and-rescue Dogs Work
Guard Dogs



Obedience School Game
Based on Simon Says, preface the commands with “the trainer says” Use appropriate dog tricks or behaviors such as: lie down, beg for a treat, roll over, speak (woof), scratch your ear, wag your tail, show your tongue, and pant.

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Dog Bone Sequencing

Cut out many different sized dog bones. Ask children to line up the bones from largest to smallest and vice versa.

Dog Bone Numbers

Cut out ten dog bone shapes. Number them one to ten. Ask children to line up the shapes from one to ten and from ten to one.

Dog Bone Colors

Cut out dog bone shapes in different colors. Ask children to sort the shapes by color.

Dog Bone Sorting

Supply children with plenty of dog bone shapes of many sizes and colors. Ask children to sort the shapes by size or color.

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dog memorials

Movement Activities

picture of Lilly jumping rope

The Pets Go . . .
(Tune: The Ants Go Marching)

The dogs go running one by one, hurrah, hurrah
The dogs go running one by one, hurrah, hurrah
The dogs go running one by one,
The little one stops to suck his thumb
And they all go running round and round
To get out of the rain, BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!



Smart Dogs
Author Unknown

Five stuffed dogs sitting in a row,
“Tell me please, what do you know?”
The first one said, “I know my name.”
The second one said, “I know a game.”
The third one said, “I know a song.”
The fourth one said, “I know right from wrong.”
The fifth one said, “I’ll tell you true, what I know is that I love you.”