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Preschool Color fun and Activites
Colors preschool activities


Children will be able to identify colors.
Children will use and develop fine motor skills.
Children will create a fun craft.


  • Different color craft paper
  • Scissors
  • Yarn
  • Wiggly eyes
  • Glue

The world is full of color and being able to describe our world through color is an essential skill. The purpose of these activities is to help your preschooler to recognize and spell the basic color words.

Color Game:
Trace a house shape onto different colored craft paper and cut out (or use our printouts below). Cut out a mouse shape and decorate with wiggly eyes and add a yarn tail. Explain to children that the mouse loves to hide inside the house. Let children close their eyes and hide the mouse under a house.

Point to a house and ask children which color the house is. Ask "Do you think the mouse is hidding in the "red" house? Let's call the mouse and see!

"Little mouse, little mouse,
are you in the (color) house?
Remove the house. Is he under there? If no, under which colored house might he be hiding?

Classbook: A mouse is hiding in the __________ house.

Let children color the mouse. Then, have them color their house with one color and cut it out. Children write or copy the color name on the sentence. To cover the mouse, add two staples to the top of the house. Children can flip open the house to see the mouse.


Color Glove

Paint the fingers of a pair of white gloves the following colors: red, yellow, blue, green, and orange, so that you have two of each color. Then, sing this song:

(Tune: Freres Jacques)

Where is red? (Bring one hand up with all fingers showing.)
Where is red? (Repeat with other hand.)
Here I am,  (Wave one hand.)
Here I am. (Wave other hand.)
Show me if you can, (Hold hands up.)
Show me if you can.
Where is red?
Where is red?

Repeat this with all the colors allowing the toddlers to show you the colors.


Color Art
Fill muffin tin cups with water and add red, yellow, red food coloring or paint. Let children use an eyedropper to transfer the colored water to the other cups creating new colors.

Variation: Let children use the eye dropper to drop the colors on coffee filter or household paper.


Color Hop
Cut out different colored circles out of craft paper and spread them out on the floor. Let children hop to the color called out in the rhyme.

I See Something that Is
(Tune: Old MacDonald)

I see something that is (color)
Do you see it too?
I see something that is (color)
Do you see it too?

With a hop, hop there
and a hop, hop, here.
Hop, hop stand on it if you dare.

I see something that is (color)
Do you see it too?

Sorting Colors
Let children sort different items in your class by color, such as crayons, buttons, cars, pompoms, etc.


5 Little Jellybeans
Hand out 5 different colored jellybeans to each child (example: red, yellow, blue, green, brown.) Recite the rhyme and let children eat the jellybean.

Five little jellybeans
I wish I had more!
I'll eat the (color) one;
Now there are four.

Four little jellybeans
Tasty as can be.
I'll eat the (color) one;
Now there are three.

Three little jellybeans
Only a few.
I'll eat the (color) one;
Now there are two.

Two little jellybeans
Eating them is fun.
I'll eat the (color) one;
Now there is one.

One little jellybean
The last one for me.
I'll eat the (color) one;
I'm happy as can be!

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Color Songs and Rhymes

picture of Lilly jumping rope

Building Writing Muscles

When kids are very young, their hand muscles are just beginning to develop the strength and coordination required for writing neatly. Children who have difficulty writing often choose not to write because it;s too tiresome. Help your child build muscle control with these fun, simple fine motor activities.

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