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St. Patrick's Day Kids Activities and Crafts

Spring and The Five Senses lessons, activities, Crafts, and Printables
The five senses craft


It's springtime and St. Patrick's Day! It's a time to fly kites, to enjoy colorful rainbows, and to celebrate the birth of baby animals. It's also a time in which all of our five senses are especially atune to our surroundings. We see new flowers blooming, hear birds singing, smell fresh mown grass, feel the wind blowing, and taste fresh picked fruits and vegetables. In our KidsSoup Resource Library, we offer activities, games, worksheets, arts and crafts to help your child celebrate St. Patrick's Day and enjoy spring through their five senses.


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Healthy Facts and Tips

Have your children been suffering from cabin fever? Now that the weather is warming up, the time is perfect for your little ones to experience the outdoors. Try these activities with your children on a neighborhood walk:

  • Collect some spring sounds such as frogs and toads, thunder claps, birds singing, etc.
  • Collect some spring sights such as new plants emerging, new buds on trees, flowers in bloom, and kids playing.
  • Collect some spring smells such as fresh cut grass, rain, and the fragrances of flowers.

Activity: Sense of Sight

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Sense of sight activity

What you need:

Maisy's Nature Walk activityNature walk activity

What you do:

Read the book Maisy’s Nature Walk by Lucy Cousins to children. Afterwards, talk with children about the different things that Maisy sees on her natture walk, such as a flower, a snail, and a rabbit. Make sentence strips following this pattern:

Maisy sees a __________ on her nature walk.

Create the same number of sentence strips as the things that Maisy sees on her walk. Help children recall the things that Maisy sees and write the words in the blanks. Then, mix up the strips and have children put them in the order in which they happen in the story.

Activity: Sense of Smell

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Sense of smell activity

What you need:

Flower smelling gameFlower smelling game

What you do:

Read The Story of Ferdinand a story about a bull who loves to smell flowers, by Munro Leaf to children. With children, identify the smells in the story and list them on a chart as pleasant and unpleasant. Ask children what they think would happen if they couldn’t smell. They might be surprised to know that they wouldn’t be able to taste their food very well. Ask children if they can remember the last time when they had a cold. Ask them if their food tasted very good. Tell them it probably didn’t taste very good because their nose was stuffed up and they couldn’t smell.

Activity: Sense of Sound

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Sense of sound activity

What you need:

The Ear book sense of sound coloring page

What you do:

Ask: “Why can we hear a radio, a telephone, a car honking? We use our ears. Most of our ear is deep inside our head and we can’t see it. We can hear high sounds, low sounds, loud sounds, fast sounds, and slow sounds. We don’t have the biggest ears. An elephant has much bigger ears than we have. Animals can move their ears to use them as collectors to funnel sounds into the ear. Sound is made if something vibrates. If something moves back and forth rapidly, the air moves too and makes waves. These movements are called sound waves or vibrations.

Activity: St. Patrick's Day

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St. Patrick's day and leprechaun activities

What you need:

St. patrick's day craft leprechaun printables

What you do:

St. Patrick’s Day Tradition - There are many traditions and activities that help celebrate the life of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, the emerald island. With your children, locate Ireland on a map and research about the history of St. Patrick’s Day, the shamrock, the Blarney Stone and where leprechauns come from. St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated worldwide with people dancing and singing, watching St. Patrick’s Day parades, eating green food, wearing green clothes (and pinching those who aren’t wearing green!).

Dr. Seuss activities and crafts

March 2nd is Dr. Seuss Day!

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Rhymes and Songs

picture of Lilly jumping rope

St. Patrick's Day

Leprechaun Song
(Tune: I'm a Little Teapot)

I'm a little leprechaun
quick as can be.
I hid my gold
under a tree.
If you see a rainbow
you may find
where I left
my gold behind!

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