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Friends Names Activities and Lessons

Friends Activities

Our Friends Names Folder Game
friends activities and lessons


Children will learn the names of their friends


  • Folder Game Printables

What you need:

Small Hearts printable
Our Friends Name Matching Activity Cover Sheet
Black marker
Photo of each child
Two-pocket folder
Two 5 x 7 manila envelopes

What you do:

Print enough hearts printables so that there is one heart per child. On half of the hearts, glue a picture of each child. On the other half of the hearts, write the name of each child. Laminate the hearts and cut them in half. Then, place the hearts halves with names in one manila envelope labeled Friend's Names. Place the heart halves with photos in the other manila envelope labeled Friend's Pictures. Print the Our Friends Name Matching Activity Cover Sheet and glue it to the front of the folder. Place the manila envelopes in the folder.


Write the names of each child on a sentence strip and place on the board. Let each child find his/her name and take it off the board. Let the child name the first letter and its sound of his/her name. Sing the following song “A Friend I See” and the child with the name smiles and holds up its name. Then stands up, turns around and sits down again. At the end let each child place their name back on the board.

A Friend I See
Original Author unknown
"Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear turn around"

(name) (name) is a friend I see.
If you are (name) please smile at me.
Stand up and turn around,
Wave to your friends and then sit down.

Introduce the folder to children. Explain that the activity will help them learn how to read and learn all their classroom friend's names. Show them how they can use the hearts to match each name to a photo.


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