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Fourth of July Kids Recipes and Snacks

Summer Kids Snacks

Easy Fourth of July Snacks and REcipes
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Children will make an easy and tasty snack.


  • Graham crackers
  • White icing
  • Blue food coloring
  • Red licorice
  • white chocolate chips
  • Small bowls
  • Craft sticks or plastic knives

Graham Cracker Flags
Show children a flag or a picture of the flag. Talk about what the flag means. The fifty stars represent the fifty states. The thirteen stripes represent the original thirteen colonies. The color blue stands for justice, or fairness; the color white stands for purity; and the color red stands for courage.

Mix some of the white icing with blue food coloring. Place white and blue icing in separate bowls. Provide each child with a graham cracker and craft stick. Let them spread the white frosting on the cracker. Add some blue frosting to the top left corner. Pull the red licorice into small strips and cut into pieces. let them add the licorice for the stipes and decorate their graham cracker so that it resembles a flag. Add white chocolate chips or star sprinkles for the stars.

American Flag Cake
Allow children to decorate a flag cake using whipped cream for the frosting and blueberries and strawberries for the stars and stripes.

Pretzel Sparklers
Give children long pretzel sticks. Have them dip the top part of the stick into melted white chocolate. Then, let them add red, and blue sprinkles or other miniature candies on top of the melted chocolate.

Fruit Sparklers
Alternate blueberries, strawberries, bananas, cherries, and large marshmallows to make a red, white, and blue pattern onto wooden skewers. To add a touch of festivity, tie red, white, and blue ribbons to one end of the skewer. Note: When finished skewering fruit, break off sharp tips to prevent injury.

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Summer Activities

picture of Lilly jumping rope

Water Balloon Toss

Fill red, white, and blue balloons with water. Have children form teams of two and give each pair a balloon. Have each pair face each other and gently toss the balloons back and forth. Have children take a step back after each toss. The team that tosses the its balloon the furthest without it breaking is the winner.

Variation: Give each pair two balloons, one to each player, and have them toss their balloons at the same time.