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Graduation and End-of-Year Activities

Graduation Ideas

Time Capsule and other End-of-year Activities
Graduation ribbon craft


Children will use art tools to make a craft.
Children will develop hand/eye coordination.
Children will develop fine motor skills.


  • Materials for each project
  • Scissors
  • Glue


It’s important to honor each of your children with a special award. Try to create an award that is unique to the child. Use one of our award templates and fill in the blanks with child’s name and his or her special achievement, such as super scientist, amazing athlete, wonderful writer, good friend, etc.
Variation: Cut wide ribbon into six lengths. With a permanent marker, write child’s name and his or her special achievement on the ribbon. Attach a safety pin to back and let child wear ribbon.

Time Capsule

Talk to children about what a time capsule is. Then provide children with stickers, glitter, crayons, and markers and let them decorate a Pringles can inside and out to create a time capsule. With a permanent marker, write the year on the outside of the can. Let children add special items that you have collected throughout thet year, such as photographs, artwork, handprints, booklets, etc.

Help children create the following personal information to include in their time capsule: (This would be a great activitiy to do with their parents on graduation day.)

My friends are __________.
My favorite things to do are __________.
My favorite toy is __________.
I want to be a __________ when I’m grown up.

Close can with electrical tape and explain to children and parents that they can't open the can until they graduate from high school!

End the Year with a Bang

Cut five paper strips. On each of the strips, write a different surprise, such as “Your will get a special snack.” or “You will get to watch a video.” Place each strip in a separate balloon and blow up the balloon. Tie a string to each balloon and attach to your bulletin board or hang from the ceiling. Pop a balloon each day of the last week of school.

Graduation Wishes

Have each child decorate an envelope entitled Our Wishes for You. Have the other children draw a picture on an index card of what they wish for that person on their graduation day. Then write their descriptions on the card for them. Put the cards inside the envelope, seal it, and give it to the graduate on graduation day


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Graduation award craft

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