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The Five Senses Kids Activities and Games


Five Senses Games
Five senses games


Children will use their listening and gross motor skills to pay a fun game.


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Blind Man's Bluff

The player who is “It” wears a blindfold. While he or she turns around in place five times, all the other players look for a good spot to hide. When “It” finishes the fifth rotation, he or she yells, “Stop,” and all the other players must freeze in place. “It” then begins to search for the other players by yelling “blind man’s . . .” All other players must yell “bluff,” although they can disguise their voices. The searcher uses the vocal clues to track down the other players.

Play without the verbal clues—the person who is “It” walks around with his or her hands outstretched feeling for the players. The hiders must keep their feet in the same spot, but they can move the rest of their bodies in an effort to avoid getting tagged.


Following Directions

Explain to children that you are going to give several directions for them to follow, and that each direction should be followed exactly in the order given. Start by giving only three or four directions at a time for children to follow. For example, you might say “jump six times, turn all the way around, then touch your toes.” After children have shown that three or four directions can easily be followed, increase the difficulty by giving five directions in a series, and then six.

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Movement Activities

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Animal Charades

Let the children play charades by acting out and making the sounds of different types of animals. Let the other children guess what animal acts that way and makes that sound.

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