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Halloween Activities and Games

Halloween Game

Halloween Bingo and Other Halloween Games
Halloween bingo game


A fun game to play for the whole family at Halloween night.


  • List of 30 Halloween words

  • Plastic Jack-o-lantern, witch hat or other Halloween container

  • Lotto sheet for each player

  • Pumpkin seeds or candy corn


Print out Halloween Lotto Sheets (one for each player). Print and cut Halloween words slips. Fold each word slip and place in the plastic Jack-o-lantern. Give each player a lotto sheet and a handful of pumpkin seeds or candy corns. Dim the light and put out some tea light candles to set a spooky mood. Call out the words one at a time from the slips of paper. If the word called out and the picture of the word is on a player's lotto sheet, the player covers it with a pumpkin seed or candy corn. The first player to cover all pictures in a row (up or down) and calls out "Happy Halloween !" is the winner and gets to pull out words the next time around.


More Games:


Pumpkin Bowling

Spray paint soda bottles white. Let dry and draw eyes and mouth with permanent black marker. Add a bit of sand or rice to each bottle. Set the bottles up. Create teams and let children roll the pumpkins to try to knock down the "ghosts." If children get a strike, they receive another turn. If they get two strikes, they receive a prize.

Halloween Pumpkin Hunt

Hide pumpkins in the room or outside and have children find the pumpkins.

  • First child to find and bring a pumpkin back to the start line wins.
  • Hide numbered pumpkins that correspond to a prize.
  • Hide lots of pumpkins. The one who brings back the most pumpkins in five minutes wins a prize.
  • Divide children into teams. Have one child from each team find and bring a pumpkin back to the start line. Then the next child goes, and so on. The first team to have all the players find a pumpkin wins.


Bobbing for Worms

Provide each child with a bowl filled with whipping cream mixed wirh about eight gummy worms. With their hands behind their back, children need to dig into the bowl with their mouth to retrieve a worm and put it on a plate. To make the game more difficult, blindfold children.

Relay Races

To get from starting line to finish line have children

  • stagger like zombies
  • ride broomsticks
  • hop like toads

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Other Halloween Printables

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Free Halloween bingo game for kids

Halloween Bingo Printables

free kids Halloween bingo game

Halloween Bingo Printables

Halloween bingo game

Halloween Bingo Printables

Free kids bingo game

Halloween Bingo Printables



Halloween Rhyme

picture of Lilly jumping rope

Ghost Finger Play

I saw a ghost (Fingers circle eyes.)
He saw me too (Point to yourself.)
I waved at him (Wave your hand.)
But he said, "BOO!"


Wiggle Worm Race

Divide children into equal teams. Have each team lin up to form a "worm." Then have the player at the front of the line reach his/her left hand between his/her legs and grab the right hand of the player behind. Continue this process on down the line. When you say "Go," each team must move to the goal and back. If the line separates, then the team