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Fire and Firefighters Kids Craft

Fire Safety Craft Idea

Fire Dog Cup PUppet
Firefighter craft


Children will develop fine motor skills and nurture their creativity


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What you need:

Dog patterns
Styrofoam cup
Red construction paper
White construction paper
Small black pompom
Black Marker
Wiggly eyes

What you do:

Print dog pattern and trace helmet on red and dog ears on white construction paper. Cut out( Pic1.) With a black marker color black dots on the ears and glue to the front of paper cup (see pic2.) Glue pompom for its nose and wiggly eyes to the front and let dry ( Pic3.) Add glue to the helmet flap and attach to the top of the head( Pic4.) Add a mouth with a black marker. Insert your hand into the cup and use as puppet.

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Movement Activities

picture of Lilly jumping rope

Firefighter's Workout

Firefighters need to stay healthy and strong to be able to carry the heavy fire equipments. Let children join you in a firefighter's workout. Do exercises like jumping jacks, leg lifts, running in place, and carrying buckets full of water from one place to another, etc.