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Shapes Kids Rhyme and Printables


Make a Shape Rhyme
Shapes Activities and Rhymes


Children will develop fine and gross motor skills.


  • Make a Shape printout


Have children act out the following rhyme as they recite or sing it:

Make a Shape
Author Unknown

Make a circle, make a circle,
Draw it in the sky.
Use your finger, use your finger,
Make it round as a pie.

Draw a square, draw a square,
Make the lines so straight.
Make a square, make a square,
Draw a box in the air.

Draw a triangle, draw a triangle,
Always start at the top.
Make a tent, make a tent,
Use three lines and stop!

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Movement Activities

picture of Lilly jumping rope

Do You Have the . . . ?(Tune: Mulberry Bush)

Have children form a circle and give each child a paper shape, such as triangle, a square, a circle, a pentagon, etc. Sing the following song:

Do you have the triangle, the triangle, the triangle?
If you have the triangle, please stand up.

Repeat the verse, saying a different shape each time. Continue until all the shapes have been named. Everyone can trade shapes and sing the verses again.

Lost My Shape

Have children sit in a circle. Let one child walk around the circle and sing the following song:

Lost my (shape) what do I do?
Lost my (shape). What do I do?
Lost my (shape). What do I do?
Skip to my Lou my darling.

Have different shapes in the center of the circle and have the child that is walking around the circle find the shape that he or she “lost.”