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Christmas and Cookies Kids Activities


Who Took the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?
cookie preschool activity


Develop listening skills and practice categorizing



Read Who Took the Cookies from the Cookie Jar by Rozanne Lanczak Williams. Afterwards play the game below with your child. This enjoyable language arts game can be played at home, at school, or even in the car.

Together: Who took the cookies from the cookie jar?

(Daddy) took the cookies from the cookie jar.

Dad: Who me?

Child: Yes you.

Dad: Couldn’t be.

Child: Then who?

Repeat using your child’s name. Keep saying the rhyme and names of other family members, friends, pets, or other people your child knows.



Help your child practice categorizing. Talk about different categories such as zoo animals, farm animals, pets, transportation vehicles, community helpers, etc. Explain to your child that you and he/she will only use things from a certain category. For example, “Who took the cookies from the cookie jar? The elephant (zebra, lion, monkey, tiger, or bear) took the cookies from the cookie jar.”

You could also change the words “cookies” and “jar” to something like “doll” and “toy box” or “cheese” and “refrigerator.”

Math Counting Backwards

Draw and cut out a cookie jar and about 10 or 20 cookies. Place all cookies on the cookie jar cut out. Ask children: "What is your favorite type of cookie?" Play the who took the cookie from the cookie jar game and have one child at a time remove one cookie from the cookie jar. Let children count how many cookies are left in the jar.


Five Cookies Rhyme

Five little cookies in the bakery shop,
Shinning bright with the sugar on top.
Along comes (child's name) with a nickel to pay.
He/she buys a cookie and takes it away.
(Continue with four, three, two, and one)


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Movement Activities

picture of Lilly jumping rope

Christmas Game

Play a game of “Drop Santa’s Hat” with your children, a game similar to “Drop the Hankie.” Have children stand in a circle facing each other.

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Cookie Rhyme


C is for COOKIE

that's good enough for me

C is for COOKIE

that's good enough for me

Cookie , cookie, cookie starts with C