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Polar Bear Kids Activities

Preschool Literacy Activities

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?
polar bear literacy activity


Children will develop listening skills.
Children will develop sequencing skills.
Children will develop vocabulary skills.


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Before you begin reading Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? by Bill Martin and Eric Carle, take a picture walk with children. Ask them what they think the story will be about. Then read the book to children. After reading, ask your children to tell you what happened in the story. Ask children, “What does the polar bear hear?” Talk about some of the words in the story such as “bellowing,” “yelping,” and “trumpeting.” Explain that these are all words that mean a loud kind of noise. Ask children, “What other noisy words can you find in this book?”

Make up another story using your child’s name: 

You: __________, __________, what do you hear?” 
Child: I hear a __________ __________.

Some examples your child might use are clock ticking, car honking, or bird singing.



Repeat the story with your child. Each animal in the book makes a different sound. Look at each animal and make the sound it makes. For example, roar like a lion, hiss like a snake, or bray like a zebra. Encourage your child to mimic the animal sounds.

The animals in Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? appear in a particular sequence. Challenge your child to remember the order of appearance of each animal. Have your child draw each animal character on a separate sheet of paper. Then assemble the pages in order to create a book.

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Movement Activities

picture of Lilly jumping rope

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, Turn Around

With your child, recite this fun rhyme and make the movements together:

Polar bear, polar bear,
Twirl around.
Polar bear, polar bear,
Make no sound.

Polar bear, polar bear,
Dance on your toes.
Polar bear, polar bear,
Touch your nose.

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