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Polar Bear Kids Activities

Movement Activity And Rhyme

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, Turn Around
polar bear rhyme


Children will learn a rhyme.
Children will develop gross motor skills.



With your child, recite this fun rhyme and make the movements together:

Polar bear, Polar bear,
Turn around,
Polar bear, Polar bear,
Make no sound.

Polar bear, Polar bear,
Dance on your toes,
Polar bear, Polar bear.
Touch your nose.

Polar bear, Polar bear,
Show your paws.
Polar bear, Polar bear,
Hide your claws.

Polar bear, Polar bear,
Reach up high
Polar bear, Polar bear,
Wink one eye.

Polar bear, Polar bear,
Say good-night,
Polar bear, Polar bear,
Shut your eyes tight.

Polar bear, Polar bear,
Wake up now,
Polar bear, Polar bear,
Take a bow.


Print the black and white version of the Polar Bear, Polar Bear, Turn Around booklet to let children make their own booklet to take home, carry around and read together with their families.

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Additional Resources


polar bear craft

Polar Bear
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Play in the Snow Like Polar Bears

Take children outside to play in fresh snow. Ask children how they think a polar bear would play in the snow. Let children crawl and play in the snow like polar bears


Movement Activities

picture of Lilly jumping rope

Snowball Race

Divide children into two teams. The first person on each team gets a piece of tissue paper and crumples it into a ball using one hand (this keeps them soft). The child then places the snowball in a bucket. The next child repeats the first child’­s actions and the process continues until the team has all their snowballs made and in the bucket.

Polar Bear Rhyme

Marco the Polar Bear

Marco the Polar Bear, (Make circle in front of body with arms.)
White as the snow, (Extend arms out proudly.)
Sat down on the ice (Sit down.)
Near the cold water’s flow. (Shiver.)
“Lunch! I need lunch,” he said. (Rub stomach.)
“I’ll make a wish.” (Put hands together to make wish.)
He stuck in his paw (Put right hand down.)
And up it came with a fish! (Hold up right hand and smile.)
~Author Unknown