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Thanksgiving Travel Activity

Thanksgiving and Family

Thanksgiving Traveling
Thanksgiving travels activities


Children will learn to identify the different steps of taking a trip.


  • Butcher paper
  • Airplane picture
  • Train picture
  • Car picture
  • Tape
  • Crayons



1. Place a large piece of butcher paper on the wall. Draw three columns. Tape a picture of a airplane at the bottom of the first column. Tape a picture of a train at the bottom of the second column. Tape a picture of car at the bottom of the third column.

Ask children if they travel to visit family on Thanksgiving Day or for any other Holdiay celebration. Talk about the different types of transportation. Ask the children to think about which type they like best and color a square on the graph. Look at the finished graph and let children discover which transportation they use the most for Thanksgiving or holiday travels.

2. Have a discussion with children about the steps people take when they go on an airplane, train, or ship trip. Introduce one type of transportation at a time. Talk about packing, luggage storage, presenting tickets, boarding, and finding a seat or cabin.  After the discussion, show children the sequencing cards for the transportation discussed and sequence them together as a group. Place the folder in an area of the classroom where children can practice sequencing the cards themselves or in small groups.

Initiate a role-play activity where several or all of the children are given an opportunity to act out the different traveling sequences.

Getting Ready for a Trip
Talk about the clothing we need to pack to go on a trip. Sing the song and act out the movements that go along with the song.

It’s Time to go on a Trip, Hurray!
Tune: Old Mac Donald Had a Farm)
By Jolanda Garcia

 It’s time to go on a trip, Hurray! E I E I O,

I pack some socks and fold them tight, E I E I O,

With a sock sock here, and a sock sock there,

Here a sock, there a sock, everywhere a sock sock.

It’s time to go on a trip Hurray! E I E I O,


I pack some shirts

I pack some pants

I pack some shoes

I pack some underwear



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Turkey Rhymes

picture of Lilly jumping rope

Five Fat Turkeys

Five fat turkeys, short and plump,
The first one hid way high upon a stump.
The second one said, “We should run, run, run.”
The third one said, “Or we’ll be done.”
The fourth one said, “I don’t want to be dinner.”
The fifth one said, “I wish I were thinner!”

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