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Emergency and Safety Kids Lessons

Emergency Number 911 Activities

Keeping Safe (911)
Emergency number activities


Children will be able to identify an emergency and learn ways to keep safe.



Read the interactive book It's Time to Call 911: What to Do in an Emergency by Inc. Penton Overseas to help children learn what to do in case of an emergency.

It is important that children know what to do during an emergency, especially if an adult is not present. Children need to know how to dial 911, and conversely they need to know that they should NOT dial 911 unless there is an emergency. Talk with children about what qualifies as an emergency (i.e. needing help tying a shoe vs. someone who is unconscious).

Trace the phone template onto black construction paper, cut out, and adhere sticky dots to phone. (You can make one for everybody to use or one for each child). Write the numbers 0–9 on the sticky dots in the order in which they are on a phone. You pretend to be the 911 operator. Have each child take turns "dialing" 911 and giving their information (name and address).

Variation: Use play phones or real phones that are no longer working.

Songs and Rhyme

9-1-1 Rhyme
(Tune: Three Blind Mice)
Author Unknown

9-1-1, 9-1-1
Help is on the way, help is on the way,
In an emergency, I know what to do.
I can call the police and the firemen too,
It makes me feel safe to know what to do.
9-1-1, 9-1-1

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Movement Activities

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Firefighter's Workout

Firefighters need to stay healthy and strong to be able to carry the heavy fire equipments. Let children join you in a firefighter's workout. Do exercises like jumping jacks, leg lifts, running in place, and carrying buckets full of water from one place to another, etc.

911 for kids

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