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Fire, Firefighter, and Safety Kids Activities

Preschool and Kindergarten

Teaching Our Kids to be Safe
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Teaching Our Kids to Be Safe

Teaching our children to be safe may be the most important skill they learn, but it also may be the most difficult. As parents and teachers, we need to prepare our children to face dangers, but how do we do it without overly scaring them? Here are a few tips:

Help your children memorize their full names, address and telephone number.

Educate your children how and when to use emergency telephone numbers such as 911.

Don't say "never talk to strangers." Say instead "While most people are good, some people are bad." If your child is ever lost or threatened, you want him or her to seek for help from an adult. Instruct your child to look first for a uniformed officer or security guard, a store clerk, or a mother with children—all adults who are likely to be safe and helpful.

Instruct your children never to tell anyone that they are home alone.

Tell your children that it is okay for them to approach an adult if they are in need of help, but it is not ok for an unknown adult to approach them. Let your child know that politeness doesn't apply if they are approached by a stranger to help find a pet, eat some candy, or get in a car. He or she should scream, run, and get help.

Let your children know that they can come to you if anything or anyone, including relatives and friends, makes them fill scared or uncomfortable. Reassure them that you will work with them on whatever the problem is.

Point out the homes of trusted neighbors to which your kids can go in an emergency if you are away.

So instead of scaring your children to death with horror stories, EMPOWER them with the skills and confidence that they can use to help keep themselves safe. Visit Savvy Parenting for more tips and information.

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Movement Activities

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Role play the following scenarios with your child. Show them what to do if they should encounter these situations.

Help Hoax
A stranger asks for help, often to help find a lost pet or for directions.

Family Emergency
A stranger tells a child that there is a family emergency and that they need to take the child to the hospital or some other place.